Professional foundation, innovation wins, service first

A high-tech agricultural enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing and sales of space rice, corn, wheat, rape, perilla and other seeds


Diligence in reading and cultivation, self-reliance, harmony and symbiosis, keeping upright and bringing forth new ideas.

A high-tech agricultural enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing and sales of space rice, corn, wheat, rape, perilla and other seeds


Professional foundation, innovation wins, service first

A high-tech agricultural enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing and sales of space rice, corn, wheat, rape, perilla and other seeds

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Hubei Jinguang: The road to agriculture through science and technology is getting wider and wider.


On November 27, the villagers of Shiwutou Village, Xinhua Town, Shennongjia were still immersed in the joy of a bumper harvest. A few weeks ago, in this village surrounded by mountains and more than 800 meters above sea level, villagers sang and danced beside the golden rice fields and jointly held the Space Fragrant Rice Harvest Festival with Hubei Jinguang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hubei Jinguang") to celebrate the high-end rice planted this year-Space Fragrant Rice No. 2 has a bumper harvest, and the average income per mu has doubled over last year.

As the first national high-tech enterprise engaged in space breeding of fragrant rice in China, the only national specialized and special new "little giant" seed enterprise in Hubei Province, and the first Wuhan "innovation hero" enterprise in 2023, Hubei Jinguang has been breaking through in recent years, breaking through traditional innovation technology and developing space breeding technology, We have successively developed and launched a series of new varieties of space fragrant rice, space corn, space wheat and space potato with high yield, it has been approved by relevant departments and is being widely promoted throughout the country. Among them, the new variety Space Aromatic Rice 2 was named the single champion product of the manufacturing industry in 2022.



Hubei Jinguang Shennongjia base 2023 the space fragrant rice harvest festival, the villagers harvest space fragrant rice.

In recent years, Hubei Jinguang has adhered to innovation-driven and technological empowerment. It has not only established the Hubei Engineering Research Center for Innovative Utilization of Crop Germplasm Resources, established the Rural Revitalization Aerospace Breeding Research Institute, but also cooperated with the National Aerospace Breeding Achievement Transformation Center, Wuhan University, and Huazhong Agriculture. Scientific research institutes and universities such as the University and Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences have established industry-university-research cooperation, focusing on the selection and demonstration and application of new varieties. In September this year, the company and Huazhong University of Science and Technology reached a joint scientific and technological cooperation. The two sides will jointly build a space seed intelligent breeding platform, use artificial intelligence technology to quickly screen space seeds with excellent traits, and greatly improve breeding efficiency.

Original ecological planting, high-quality space fragrant rice aimed at the high-end market

On November 20, in Dingxi City, Gansu Province, Gao Xuegang, chairman of Hubei Jinguang, led the company's technical experts to discuss with the local area the cooperation of building a space potato planting base and R & D center. According to the project plan, Hubei Jinguang will jointly build a comprehensive industrial base for space potato planting, research and development and deep processing here.

In the past two years, Hubei Jinguang has used space breeding technology to innovate and launch a series of new varieties such as space fragrant rice, space colored rape, space large (small) wheat, space perilla, and space potatoes. At the same time, the company has continued to increase its presence across the country. Promote planting and accelerate the industrialization of new varieties.

On October 31, the Space Fragrant Rice Harvest Festival kicked off next to a golden space fragrant rice field at the space fragrant rice planting demonstration base in Shiwutou Village, Xinhua Town, Shennongjia. The harvest festival is guided by the National Aerospace breeding Science and Technology Transformation Center and the people's Government of Shennongjia Forest region, and jointly sponsored by Jinguang and Xinhua Town in Hubei Province.

"It is very suitable for planting space fragrant rice. This year, the space fragrant rice planted in the village has had a bumper harvest." Wang Ping, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Shiwutou Village, said that this year the village task force introduced Hubei Jinguang Space Fragrant Rice No. 2 to build a 20-mu demonstration base in the first phase to "find the right way" for increasing farmers' income and developing the village's collective economy ".

"Next year we will greatly expand the space fragrant rice planting area." Feng Wei, secretary of the party committee of Xinhua Town, said that space fragrant rice has high yield and good quality, bringing farmers an income of about 4000 yuan per mu, double that of last year, and villagers are highly motivated to plant. Next year, they will deepen cooperation with Hubei Jinguang to expand the scale of planting and further increase farmers' income.

Gao Xuegang said that the company's several space fragrant rice planting bases have had a good harvest this year. Among them, Shiwutou Village, Xinhua Town, Shennongjia, is located in the mountains, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, excellent air and water quality. The whole planting process of space fragrant rice 2 adopts the original ecological planting method to ensure its high quality as high-end rice.

Hubei Jinguang, founded in 2015, is the first scientific and technological enterprise in the country to bring fragrant rice seeds to the sky. By sending fragrant rice seeds into space, through the mutation of the special space environment, using the advanced technology of the National Space breeding Achievement Transformation Center to breed seeds with excellent traits, and then scientific and ecological planting, the space fragrant rice produced is clear and translucent in color, rich in zinc and other trace elements, the rice tastes sweet, soft and waxy, easy to digest, and comes with a strong fragrance, especially suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with gastrointestinal discomfort.

"Space fragrant rice has outstanding advantages in quality and taste, and its total output is limited. Its market price is significantly higher than that of ordinary rice." Gao Xuegang introduced that Space Fragrant Rice 2 has become a key rice variety promoted by Hubei Jinguang in the past two years, and its product positioning is aimed at the middle and high-end market. Up to now, the company has successively successfully tried planting in Wuhan, Enshi, Huanggang, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shandong and other places in Hubei, and promoted planting.

Digital empowerment, together with China University of Science and Technology to create an artificial intelligence breeding platform.

Seed is the "chip" of agriculture, the cornerstone of ensuring national food security and promoting the long-term and stable development of agriculture, and an important force to realize the strategy of rural revitalization. The technological innovation of seed industry is the key to the development of seed industry, and digitalization is the new trend of technological innovation of seed industry.

In recent years, Hubei Jinguang has been keeping a close eye on the trend of scientific and technological innovation in the seed industry. With the help of digital agricultural technology, Hubei Jinguang has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of research and development, testing and germplasm screening of the four major new varieties of food crops, and accelerated the breeding of more original aerospace series varieties.

On November 22, in Hubei Jinguang Digital Breeding Laboratory, the company's breeding technicians were making corresponding preparations for the new space corn variety "Space Jade 12" to participate in the regional test of new crop varieties. This year, Hubei Jinguang undertook the 2023 Hubei provincial science and technology plan project (the first batch) high-yield and disease-resistant space corn mutation breeding research project. Through the establishment of a digital laboratory, the company efficiently cultivated hundreds of corn and rice materials, and then through screening experiments, cultivated new varieties such as "Space Jade 12.

In September this year, Hubei Jinguang signed a cooperation agreement with Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The two sides will jointly build a space seed intelligent breeding platform based on facility agriculture and information technology-artificial intelligence space breeding laboratory, and use AI technology to efficiently breed. The breeding platform will realize the real-time monitoring of crops and soil from macro to micro in the process of agricultural production, obtain regular information, generate dynamic spatial information system, simulate the phenomena and processes in agricultural production, and achieve the purpose of rational utilization of agricultural resources, reducing production costs, improving the ecological environment and improving the quality of crop products.

"In traditional breeding, target seeds are manually selected and screened by naked eyes in the field, while intelligent breeding uses unmanned aerial vehicles to take photos and robot scans to transmit data to AI brain for comparison, and seeds with target traits are quickly screened, thus greatly improving breeding efficiency." Gao Xuegang said that the key objectives of the space seed intelligent breeding platform project include intelligent breeding brain and unmanned breeding farm technology. Among them, intelligent breeding brain includes the development of breeding professional field database and breeding brain AI model. Unmanned breeding farm technology will realize the design of environment index automatic acquisition system for indoor and field breeding scenarios.

Leapfrog development, new varieties of research and development and cooperation projects "blowout" growth

"Compared with the mutagenesis of the ground environment, space has many special mutagenesis environments that the surface does not have. It is a new environment for creating genetic variation, which greatly increases the frequency and amplitude of variation in space breeding." Gao Xuegang introduced that aerospace breeding provides a new platform, new technology, and new stage for the development of the breeding industry in our province. It is one of the important technical paths to overcome the "stuck neck" problem of the seed industry.

In recent years, Hubei Jinguang has successively developed and launched a series of new varieties such as Space Aromatic Rice 2, Space Aromatic Rice 3, Space Jade 16, Space Jade 19, Space Color Rape, Space Large (Small) Wheat, Space Perilla, Space Potato, etc. It has applied for 18 invention patents in the field of crop space breeding. In 2020, the company and the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Xishui County will jointly build a 15000 mu national aerospace rape breeding research base in Daijiazhou, the county. The following year, the company, together with Wuhan Hi-Tech Group and Wuhan Gaonong Group, jointly established the Wuhan Scientific Research demonstration Base of the National Aerospace breeding achievement Transformation Center, which covers an area of 500 mu and will continue to expand the base area of 10000 mu in the future. it will be used as a space breeding space rice, corn, rape material screening and new variety display park, as well as a space breeding science park for primary and secondary school students.

In 2021, the company signed a ten-year cooperation agreement with the National Aerospace Breeding Achievement Transformation Center. The two parties will jointly conduct aerospace scientific research experiments on crops such as rice, corn, rape, and Chinese medicinal materials. The company's unique advantages and rapid development have also attracted the attention of many investors and large enterprises. In December last year, a large enterprise signed an investment agreement with Hubei Jinguang, investing a total of 0.1 billion yuan in aerospace breeding and other projects. In October last year, the company and Hubei Yangxin County Baisha Town Government signed the China Space Perilla Research Base Co-construction Project.

In recent years, the company has established cooperative relations of production, learning and research with national aerospace breeding achievements transformation center, Wuhan University, Huazhong Agricultural University and other scientific research institutes and universities, focusing on the breeding, demonstration and application of new varieties. The company has a relatively stable production base of rice, corn and rape seeds, totaling 15000 mu, located in Hainan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Gansu, Hubei and other places.

Adhering to innovation-driven, invigorating agriculture through science and technology, and constantly increasing investment in scientific and technological research and development, Hubei Jinguang ushered in leapfrog development. The company will achieve revenue of $80 million in 2021 and $0.1 billion in 2022, and is expected to have revenue of about $0.13 billion this year, the company has developed into a national agricultural high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production, processing and sales of rice, corn, cotton, oilseeds, large (small) wheat and other major crop seeds, a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Hubei Province, and a single manufacturing industry. Champion product enterprise, AAA credit enterprise, national-level specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise, listed reserve "golden seed" enterprise. On December 27, 2022, the company was successfully listed in the Hong Kong Equity Exchange Center and entered the capital market.

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